Curious Mondo Helpdesk

I just signed up for Mondo Club today, but when I purchase a course, the discount isn’t showing.

It takes 72 hours for your club membership to be fully active, so if you try to purchase a course within that time period there is a huge chance that it will not work. You can either wait the 72 hours and then make your purchase, or submit a quick support ticket and we can give you a temporary one-time code that will do the trick!

These club features are active immediately upon registration:

  • Replay Pass
  • Fast Track Courses

Waited the 72 hours and it still isn't giving your discount?

Upon registering for the Mondo Club an email containing your member number was sent to you. Use that magical number during checkout to get your discounts!

Put it in the “Special Code” field and then hit “Apply” for it to take it. You’ll then see the savings reflected in your cart.